Vernonia, de la serie Börus_Frankfurt am Main. c-Print 80 100cm. 2007


BÖRUS, 2007

Following my former work Palmehuset, during my stay in Frankfurt I carried out the photos Börus. This project consists of a series of photos in one of Frankfurt´s skyscrapers. In this work, plants have taken over the space where thousands of clerks are working. Plants invaded the offices, the receptions, the elevators and the corridors. In Palmehuset I explain the concept of survival in a concrete space, isolated from any external reality, where the plants develop their life form and adjust to the shapes of the greenhouse manufactured for them away from their natural surroundings. Nevertheless, in my work Börus I intend to go further transforming directly the physical space and giving it a new reality in itself. Plants substitute the people working in these spaces, which are equally imposed, isolating this reality to create a new one. The office buildings, which architecture curiously is very similar to the greenhouse structure, contain their workers, and during the office hours transforms them into species fighting to push forward within this world, subordinating to it. The same process of natural selection takes place, where the strongest or best adapted species are more successful when it comes to survival.



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